Valpadana VP 9000 IS-AR

9095 - 90105

Main features

88, 95
Synchro Shuttle

powerful and reversible for maximum flexibility

The VP 9000 Series sets the benchmark for high-end equalwheel tractors. Built to offer a highly professional and specialized solution, this series has been developed through an industrial and production synergy between Valpadana and Argo Tractor to meet the demands of the specialty tractor market. The 9095 and 90105 models offer power ratings of 88 and 95 hp.  All models feature a reverse drive system and are available in cab and platform configurations. This tractor range combines a high level of performance, safety and reliability with an ergonomic design that enhances operator comfort.

Engine Tier 3

The VP 9095 and VP 90105 models feature FPT 4-cylinder 3.2 liter Tier 3 engines with 88 and 95 HP power ratings, respectively.

9095 IS-AR90105 IS-AR
EngineTier 3Tier 3
direct injectionmechanicalmechanical
Max. power ISO HP / kW88 / 64,795,2 / 70
rated speed23002300
max. torque Nm350390
max. torque speed rpm13001250
displacement cm332003200
cylinders / valves4Turbo / 84Turbo / 8
water coolingSTDSTD
fuel tank capacity litres6060


16 FWD + 16 REV mechanical Synchro Shuttle

One of the principal features of the 9000 Series is its Argo Tractors original 16 FWD + 16 REV mechanical Synchro Shuttle and creeper as standard equipment (from 0.8 to 40 kph). The De-Clutch button on the shuttle lever allows the tractor to be reversed without having to depress the clutch pedal, as does a second De-Clutch on the gearshift lever. In addition, the tractor can be stopped by depressing both brake pedals thanks to the Stop&Go system.

Reversible driving position and optional Cab

Featuring a rotating platform, suspended pedals and a seat with piston support, the driving position can be changed from forward to reverse in a few seconds. Driving the tractor backwards when using rear implements improves visibility and reduces wrong manoeuvres, resulting in increased average working speed. This makes reverse drive indispensable for the use of implements such as hydraulic forklifts, vine trimmers and mowing bars. The driving position is iso-mounted and perfectly sealed to ensure the operator a clean and quiet working environment. To simplify extraordinary maintenance operations, all connections between the driver’s platform and the tractor frame have been designed to make platform removal quick and easy. Featuring a one-piece frame, the cab offers the operator a modern and spacious working environment both in forward and reverse drive modes. The comfortable and quiet cab interior and the driver seat with air suspension system ensure safe and stress-free operation during long working days. In addition, four roof-mounted work lights provide excellent illumination for night work. A highly-efficient ventilation and air-conditioning system provides a safe and clean environment and maintains the desired cab temperature whatever the outdoor weather conditions


9095 IS-AR90105 IS-AR
overhang                                 mm12601260
overall lenght                           mm37353735
width front / rear   min/max     mm1393 / 17501393 / 1750
wheelbase                              mm14951495
height to ROPS      min/max     mm2455 / 24252455 / 2425
height to steering wheel         mm12651265
ground clearance   min/max    mm310 / 295310 / 295


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