Valpadana 7000 IS-AR

7075 - 7085

Main features

70, 76
Synchro Shuttle

VP 7000: the reversible specialist

The VP 7000 Series complete Valpadana’s range of compact, equal-wheeled specialty tractors in the 70 to 102 hp power segment. Available in both platform and cab versions, these tractors offer high levels of performance, safety and reliability combined with ergonomic design for superior operator comfort.

The series come standard with equal-sized wheels and reversible driving position and are offered in two versions: IS with two-wheel steering, and AR with articulated steering. All models in the range are powered by new Deutz AG TCD L4 2.9L, 4-cylinder turbo engines that comply with the Stage 3B/Tier 4 Interim emission regulations. Specifically designed to meet the demands of professional farmers, the VP 7000 tractors are ideally suited for vegetable and specialty crops. The 7075 and 7085 models deliver 70 and 76 hp, respectively.

Deutz TCD L4 engines

All engines powering the VP 7000 tractors provide high power and torque levels combined with excellent fuel economy and outstanding application flexibility. All tractor models feature new, cutting-edge Deutz AG TCD L4 2.9L, 4-cylinder turbo engines with multivalve technology, intercooler and electronic common rail injection system. The hood matching Valpadana’s family styling opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine maintenance and radiator cleaning.
7075 IS-AR7085 IS-AR
EngineStage 3B/Tier4iStage 3B/Tier4i
ModelDeutz TCD L4Deutz TCD L4
Max. power ISO HP / kW70 / 5276 / 56
Rated speed  rpm23002300
Max. torque Nm272375
Max. torque speed  rpm12501250
Displacement cm329002900
Cylinders / valves4Turbo / 164Turbo / 16
Water coolingSTDSTD
Fuel tank capacity  litres5858

16 FWD + 16 REV gears

All versions in the VP 7000 Series feature a transmission with four synchronized gears and four creep speed ranges. Incorporated is a synchro shuttle that provides 16 forward and 16 reverse gears and provides working speeds from 800 m/h to 40 km/h. The synchro shuttle features a De-Clutch button that allows the operator to automatically shift from forward to reverse without use of the clutch pedal. A shuttle modulation control integrated into the dashboard allows adjustment of power shuttle response to suit working conditions for improved operator comfort. All gear levers are located in the middle of the rotating platform for a comfortable and intuitive control of the tractor in both forward and reverse direction. The differential lock and the four-wheel drive are controlled electro-hydraulically via pushbuttons located on the dashboard. The VP 7000 tractors feature as standard a 1-3/8-inch rear PTO with two speeds 540/540E rpm plus a ground speed PTO. A clutch controlled electro-hydraulically via a pushbutton on the dashboard enables smooth and modulated engagement of the PTO, ensuring a soft start-up of the implement.

reversible driving position

Featuring a rotating platform, suspended pedals and a seat with piston support, the driving position can be changed from forward to reverse in a few seconds. Driving the tractor backwards when using rear implements improves visibility and reduces wrong manoeuvres, resulting in increased average working speed. This makes reverse drive indispensable for the use of implements such as hydraulic forklifts, vine trimmers and mowing bars. The driving position is iso-mounted and perfectly sealed to ensure the operator a clean and quiet working environment. To simplify extraordinary maintenance operations, all connections between the driver’s platform and the tractor frame have been designed to make platform removal quick and easy. All VP 7000 tractor models can be optionally equipped with cab. Featuring a one-piece frame, the cab offers the operator a modern and spacious working environment both in forward and reverse drive modes. The comfortable and quiet cab interior and the driver seat with air suspension system ensure safe and stress-free operation during long working days. In addition, four roof-mounted work lights provide excellent illumination for night work. A highly-efficient ventilation and air-conditioning system provides a safe and clean environment and maintains the desired cab temperature whatever the outdoor weather conditions.

Hydraulic System

The steering and the auxiliary hydraulic system are operated by two separate pumps with flow rates of 25 l/min and 50 l/min respectively. This avoids interference between the two systems. The wide variety of customization options available, the large capacity of the hydraulic oil reservoir and the efficiency of the heat exchanger make these tractors ideal for the use of hydraulically -operated implements. To improve performance and efficiency, the tractors can be equipped with up to four double-acting remote valves and two single-acting remote valves, including one with variable flow for the use of hydraulic motors. All remotes are controlled electronically through a proportional controller ideal to operate implements such as hydraulic forklifts and vine trimmers.


7075 - 7085 IS-AR
overhang   mm1260
wheelbase  mm1495
overall length  mm3735
ground clearance  min/max mm295 / 310
height to steering wheel1265
height to ROPS min/max2455/ 2425
track min/max mm1106 / 1490
width  min/max mm1445 (IS) / 1311 (AR)

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